Tuesday, August 1, 2017

BITAG’s most recent Internet of Things (IoT) technical report examined the tremendous advances in IoT and highlighted important new security and privacy risks.  The IoT report has a number of observations and recommendations that include:
  • IoT device best practices for current software packages and secure software updates
  • Best practices for authentication
  • Best practices for security and cryptography
  • Secure service disruption policies
  • The IoT supply chain role in addressing IoT security and privacy issues

I understand the recent jointly proposed legislation from Senators Cory Gardner and Mark Warner incorporates some of the recommendations we made. To the extent that the legislation comports with the recommendations in the BITAG IoT report, I see this as movement in a positive direction. I am encouraged to see legislators and policymakers work toward implementing BITAG recommendations and other security and privacy provisions to ensure that consumers enjoy the benefits of IoT while at the same time protecting the networks involved.


Douglas C. Sicker
Executive Director
Chair of the Technical Working Group
Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group (BITAG)

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